We are providing sustainable fashion through one of a kind vintage selection. 

The founder of Vice Vintage Selection Mete was born in Germany as the youngest addition to an immigrant family in the middle of the 90´s. Through Basketball not just a passion but also an endless love for the US Culture of the 90´s and 00´s has began. At the age of 19 a dream came true, to be able to move to the US to focus on the academic and atheletic success. After a career ending injury on the knee in the colloge sophomore year, the passion for fashion, music culture and also interest in entepreunership has increased.  

Started with a hobby of collecting unique pieces which has gained interest around his network and providing his friends&family with gifts from the US, now has become an opportunity to share those selections with everyone through vicevintage.com.

Vice Vintage Selection main focus is to provide the customers unique pieces but also experience while we are selecting through the tremendous variety of pieces from the United States and other sources from all over the world. 

Our main mission is to provide everyone the wonderful world of vintage pieces to save our environment and also have unique pieces of the past which is the new trend in the past. 

Trust in VVS, Trust in Vice Vintage.